Quick Effective Easy-on-the-Pocket Manuscript Critiques

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Professional Manuscript Critiques Lead to Writing with Clarity & Verve

Excellence isn't a critique-and-run establishment.  Here, you'll build strong relationships with talented and discerning editors, who care about your creative writing as much as you do. Our world is desperate for new literature with vision, clarity, and integrity. We're here to support you at every stage of delivering it.
A professional critique:

  • Provides an objective, thoughtful view of “how it really is” with your manuscript
  • Remains true to your creative vision and values
  • Highlights strengths in your voice, originality, premise, fully developed characters, strong story structure, and appropriate genre-specific details
  • Offers strategies to strengthen every aspect of your work in progress, whether you’re a beginner or a multi-published author—everybody grows
  • Provides mini-lessons in targeted areas to bolster weak spots
  • Polishes the manuscript, tweaks grammar, word usage, sentence variety, punctuation and spelling, and readies the manuscript for submission to agent or publishing house
  • Adds sensory details, dialog cues, emotion, and increased tension
  • Builds your skills and develops your innate talent
  • Makes your manuscript the very best it can possibly be


Free Manuscript Critique

For first-time submitters:

Email up to ten pages of your project to editor@writing-excellence.com. This will enable me to become familiar with your style and vision. The pages may be the first ten pages or may include a back-of-the-book type blurb with some samples pages. It’s also really helpful for me to know how the story ends. Please send as an attachment, double-space, one-inch margins, doc or docx format.
I’ll critique the ten pages and respond by email, providing a mark-up and a report. When you're ready we can schedule a free 30-minute phone conference to discuss your vision and possible strategies.
Your writing project deserves a clearly thought-out plan of action.

This is your chance to see whether I fit in with your work-style. I’ll share suggestions, ask questions, and recommend a possible next step.

Warm regards,



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